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Thread: Posting to a operational squadron in bomber command

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    Default Posting to a operational squadron in bomber command

    What did the first two weeks of pre-op training on a operational squadron consist of for new air crews, freshly posted in? I have figured out some obvious things but wondered if there was a general bomber command syllabus ? or was it just left to the squadron commander to decide.? I'm assuming (not wise) the lead in fortnight would include local area flying familiarisation, diversion airfields, take off's and landings day & night ?

    And possibly ......................... in addition to the flying familiarisation - navigating around the station on a bicycle collecting customary arrival 'chits', best & worst watering holes, grumpy farmers, operational areas frequented by policemen on bicycles, etc. etc There are countless other activities that would fit in here which my father once laughingly related to me but nowadays it would offend millions and land me in the Tower - i.e. equal opportunities, gender issues, race relations, faith rules, religious harmony, animal welfare rules I'll chance this last one - In March 1944, my fathers crew were tasked by higher echelon at Holme-on-Spalding Moor to nick some chickens for immediate egg laying duties but the chickens all disappeared in the pot by Easter.

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    Fell about reading yr para #3. Not many years later non-Officers were not allowed to cycle round the new Station with their Blue Chit (forget the RAF Form No) because if they did it on foot they would find out quicker/easier where everything was (including, as the SWO would rather sharply point out, where the Barber's was!). Trying to get a signature from, say, the Air Pubs Store (either on arrival or departure) was a work of art (forgeries were not unknown!). The "full" Blue Chit was when you were Posted-In/Out. Can't remember, but I think that if you were only Attached to the Station then you didn't need the "full" Blue Chit - just the Bedding Store and the Transit Accommodation Block.
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