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Thread: 'Mac' (Joseph) Thompson, 218 Squadron 1944/5

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    Default 'Mac' (Joseph) Thompson, 218 Squadron 1944/5

    Mac was my uncle. He was with 218 sqdn in Lancasters as a M/U gunner.
    I am seeking any information relating to his former crew members - I'd dearly love to trace their families if possible.
    They are:-

    F/Lt Harry Warwick
    F/Sgt Ivor Turley - Rear Gunner (I believe deceased a few years ago)
    F/O Alec Stott - Nav
    Sgt Tom Waring - Ft Eng
    F/O Bill (William) Perry - Air Bomber
    Sgt Joe Naisbitt - W/Op
    (Sgt Joe 'Mac' Thompson - m/u gunner) - deceased age 22, 1947

    Any photos or info at all please, contact

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    Not sure if you already have this:

    12 Dec 1944
    No.218 Sqn
    Lancaster I PB766:HA-C*

    T/o 1104 Chedburgh. Hit by flak which punctured fuel tanks 1 and 2 in the port wing. Eventually the Lancaster was reduced to a single engine and was unable to maintain height. A controlled sea ditching was carried out some 50 miles off the port of Felixstowe, Suffolk. All were picked up unharmed.

    F/L H Warwick
    Sgt T Waring
    F/O A Scott
    F/O W Perry
    Sgt J Naisbitt
    Sgt J Thompson
    Sgt I Turley


    * Coding also noted as: XH-C.

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