I would like to ask the advice of Forum members regarding RAF Service Record details that I have just obtained.

These relate to an NCO who served with 97 Squadron as a Wireless Operator/Air Gunner during 1941/42.

Reading over the details of his postings and promotions I am a little confused. Most of his training would appear to be related to Air Navigation at various Air Observer Schools.

I have provided details interpreted from the pasted extracts I received. It could be that some details are missing (or removed) as there is a blank 3 line section. He was also admitted to hospital for a period.

Could it be that this individual originally originally trained as Wireless Operator, additionally began training as an Observer - but was perhaps 'washed out' and then reverted back to Wireless Operator?

Or am I not seeing the obvious and making something from nothing!

I have added comments where I am not sure of the entry or would like additional help with determining what is written, in particular what Reasons: H / H H H / AA relate to?

Any help or advice will be most welcome.

Kind regards, Malcolm.

Unit To: 2 Depot Cardington. Date of Movement: 26/10/38

Posted from: 2 Depot Cardington. Reason: H. To: 1 Wing, No 1 Electrical and Wireless School Date of Movement: 9 January 1939.

Posted from: 1 Wing, No 1 Electrical and Wireless School. To 2 Wing, No 2 Electrical and Wireless School Date of Movement: 1 February 1939

Posted from: 2 Wing, No 2 Electrical and Wireless School. To: 7 Air Observer School. Reason: H H H.Date of Movement: 5 September 1939.

Posted from: 7 Air Observer School. To: School of Air Navigation, St Athan. Reason: AA. Date of Movement: 7 October 1939.

Unit To: 2 School of Air Navigation. Date of Movement: 21 October 1940.

Unit To: 1 Depot Date of Movement: 14 January 1941.

3 Line Gap Nothing appears to have been entered.

Unit To: MED (My interpretation).

Unit To: 5 School of Air Navigation very faint.

Unit To: 25 OTU. Date of Movement: 17 June 1941

Unit To: Balderton (A) Date of Movement: 10 July 1941

Unit To: 25 OTU. Date of Movement: 20 July 1941

Admitted Altrincham General Hospital 9 February 1941

Unit To: 97 Squadron. Date of Movement: 13 October 1941.