I have my grandfather's RAF Service record - could anyone shed some light on the function of the units he served in, what his role would have been and any photos from the stations he served at?

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He transferred from the TA in 1942 - Sergeant

His first posting was: 2824 (Defence) Sqn, Biggin Hill (Mar 1942) - Flight Seargeant
He the moved to 4015 Special Flight, Fair Oaks (May 1942), followed by:
No.18 EFTS, Fair Oaks (Oct 1942)
No. 20 (Pilots) Advanced, Kidlington (May 1943)
Central School of Aircraft Recognition , Southport (Aug 1943) - Aircraft Recognition Instructors Course, followed by an instruction course at RAF Regt Depot.
20 (P) AFU South Cerney (Sept 1943)
20 (P) AFU Kidlington ( May 1944)
RAF Hospital Halton (June 1945) , left hospital July 1945.
Discharged KR 652 22(d) on enlistment into regular service (Nov 1946)
2788 Sqn -Renamed 58(R) Sqn (Feb 1947)
RAF Regt Instructors Unit Karsfareet, Egypt (Senior Gunners Course) (Mar-May 1947)
Promotion to Acting Warrant Officer -Paid (Feb 1948)
RAF Stn Deversoir (May 1948)
RAF Stn EL Hamra for return to UK (June 1948)
Discharged on medical grounds (Feb 1949)