In Shores' book "Fighters over the Desert", there is the following description about an air action on 15 August 1942:

"At 1145 hours three Beaufighters of 272 Squadron and two of 252 Squadron, escorted six Bisleys on a coastal strike to attack sixteen barges between Sidi Barrani and Mersa Matruh. Two Bf 109s of III./JG 53 took off at 1155 hours to escort the convoy, in company with two MC 202s, and attacked the British formation which they identified as twelve Beaufighters. One fighter attacked the Beaufighter of Sgt. Knight of 272 Squadron, but turned off and attacked the Bisleys. The gunners of the bombers believed they had shot this fighter down. Plt Off Cobley of 272 then saw a Bf 109F, and attacked it; the Messerschmitt banked sharply and turned on to the tail of his aircraft, opening fire and hitting it in wings, tail and fuselage, smashing the observerís Perspex dome above the fuselage. Cobley took evasive action, but an incendiary bullet hit the observerís kit, setting it on fire, and this set fire to the Verey cartridges. As a result of this, thick tallow smple gushed out of the Beaufighter, and as it dived, balls of flame came pouring out. All fuel tanks were holed and both crew members wounded, but they eventually got the fire out, and managed to fly back to base. By this time the Bf 109 had also returned to base, claiming the apparently blazing Beaufighter as destroyed. This is a classic example of how a legitimate claim, that would probably have been confirmed in any air force in the world, was not, in fact, correct."

The German pilot involved was Lt Hermann Munzert of 9./JG 53 who claimed a Beaufighter shot down at 1245 hrs for his 19th victory.

Just to be sure, can someone give the serial number of the Beaufighter involved and/or its final fate, especially if it was repaired or written off after this action ? It certainly managed to came back to base but might still have been damaged enough to be written off.

Thanks in advance