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    Default Form 1180

    Yes I realise that this has come up before, and I have trawled through the various threads.
    I have come to the conclusion that it is a moving target- many different layouts seem to have been used with different code letters shown, making it almost impossible to come up with a list of codes and their meanings.
    I am trying to decipher a form AM 1180 dated 24-12-1944 for a lancaster that crashed just after take off.
    It would seem that various codes have been struck i.e. aircraft type 2 is crossed out (from a choice of 1 to 17 followed by B F C FT +17) the B is crossed out. From this I assume type 2 is a lancaster and B is for bomber command. The list goes on.

    Does anyone know if there is a source of reference. The pilots name is qouted but the crew is shown as 7 people in aircraft and under 'K' presume for killed.

    Thanks in advance,
    Paul H

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    This might be best added to this older thread to keep all data in one place, Ross's review was quite comprehensive
    Dennis Burke
    - Dublin

    Foreign Aircrew and Aircraft Ireland 1939-1945

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    Trying to read too much into the edge codes. These are just duplicates of the text in the boxes.

    Text box to the left of A/c type/Mk is entitled code and has entry 4-2

    Edge perforation under S.D.96 had the perf opened up for 4 Eng, Aircraft Type 2 eg 4-2

    Text box for Com has entry B

    Edge perforation under Command has the perf opened up for B ie Bomber Command.
    B F C FT +17 These denote main category for indexing eg Bomber Command, Fighter Command, Coastal Command, Flying Training Command or one of the remaining +17 Commands.

    So the reference for the edge codes is mostly the text on the card.

    Under the Text boxes "People in the aircraft" 7 is entered in the K box and 7 in the TOT denoting 7 killed with 7 onboard.

    In this case as all 7 onboard were killed the additional K in the Cas text box for the pilot is self evident and denotes that he was Killed due to the accident.

    The thread given by Dennis covers the use of the Optical Coincidence System which is the official name (Thanks Colin) for my knitting needle edge codes.

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