I have a gentleman who enlisted in September 1941 at Oxford, aged 21; I'm reasonably confident from his age and place of enlistment that his call-up had been delayed until he completed his university degree. My next reference to him comes two years later in November 1943 when he joins 521 Squadron at Docking as a Sergeant flying Gladiators (making met ascents).

I'm assuming he would have completed basic RAF training before being selected for aircrew training, but how long would both periods (basic, then aircrew training) have lasted in total? I'm trying to estimate if the 521 posting was likely to have been his first tour after qualifying as a pilot, or if he had been attached to another unit previously or perhaps been employed in a ground role between completing basic training and starting flying training.

I think he must have been a more than competent pilot as a fortnight after joining 521 the propeller and reduction gear flew off his Gladiator at 18000 ft and, after the wind had carried the powerless plane across the Wash, he crash-landed, in the dark, without injury at Old Leake (northeast of Boston).

Unfortunately the ORB did not record personnel movements at this time.

I've tried Googling but have been unable to find a definitive answer.

Advice/views would be appreciated.