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Thread: Oxford L4628 Crash 4 April 1939 - For the Historical Record

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    Default Oxford L4628 Crash 4 April 1939 - For the Historical Record

    Found this while searching for something else..

    Sat 08 Apr 1939
    Cheltenham Chronicle
    AEROPLANE HITS HEDGE AND WALL PILOT'S ESCAPE SOUTH CERNEY YOUNG pupil pilot attached No. 3 Flying Training School at South Cerney, near Cirencester had a miraculous escape when an aeroplane crashed during flying on Tuesday, a mile from aerodrome. The pilot was Sergt. T. H. Nicholls , was able to clamber out of his cabin and walk back to the aerodrome.

    The machine, a pupil-training plane, crashed through a hedge with divides a meadow and ploughed its way through wall came to rest in Minute-lane yards from a cow shed and near canal. Parts of the fuselage of the were littered over a wide area after the impact with the hedge.

    TREE UPROOTED As it crashed into the wall the uprooted a tree. . It came to rest with the nose buried the ground and the tail almost at right angles in the air. Nicholls suffered only from cuts bruises, although the petrol tank burst and the aeroplane was completely wrecked.

    This has to be Oxford L4628 of 3FTS crashed on landing, South Cerney on Tuesday 4th April 1939

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    I have a photograph of this incident the Oxford is up on its nose, the lane is South Cerney is little changed, the report seems a little over the top with the discription of the damage to the aircraft, TH Nicholls did not survive the war being killed in Hudson N7217 of 224 sqn on 15/06/40.
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