Dear All,
I am, again, looking for help with information. I have tried this before, but it might just be that someone has more info!

38 Grp was (according to Malcolm’s rafweb site – and for which mni tks):-

Formed 11Oct 1943 as No 38 (Airborne Force) Group within Fighter Command, from No 38 Wing. Transferred to HQ AEAF, 15 Nov 1943. Transferred to ADGB, 10 Nov 1944. Transferred to Transport Command, 1 Jun 1945. Disbanded, 1 Feb 1951.

Reformed 1 Jan 1960 as No 38 (Air Support) Group within Transport Command. Transferred to Strike Command 1 Jul 1972. Disbanded 17 Nov 1983.

Reformed 1 Nov 1992. Post of AOC twinned with that of SASO, Strike Command, 21 Apr 1995. Disbanded, 1 Apr 2000?.

224 Grp was:-

Formed 3 Jan 1942 as No 224 (Fighter) Group. Disbanded, 28 Mar 1942. Reformed 1 Apr 1942 Renamed No 224 (Tactical) Group, 1 Dec 1942. Disbanded by renaming as AHQ Malaya, 30 Sep 1945.

Reformed, 31 Aug 1957 from AHQ Malaya. Disbanded, 1 Oct 1968.

I can see where 224 Grp in FEAF fitted into the Tactical concept of 38 Grp (give or take the odd detail!). But my main interest is in the word “disband”, and I am particularly concerned with the period from 1 Feb 51 to 1 Jan 60. Does “disband” mean it disappears completely, or does it’s structure still exist on paper – but with no funds, no staff, no function, and no equipment? In this respect I should come clean, I am still looking for somebody to tell me how to find details of the Tactical Air Reserve which I believe was an Air Min/MoD stratagem for retaining Units on paper so that, in the event they were needed again, Air Min/MoD did not need to go to Parliament and ask for a new Unit (or Units) to be created. I very definitely remember reading the words “Tactical Air Reserve” in a Secret Doc that came through my hands, at 38 Grp HQ Odiham, in the late 60’s. I agree that this is nerdy/geeky nit-picking to an advanced level. But if nobody knows (or says) then fair enough – I can say that. But this is turning over stones and grasping at straws (if you will forgive the mixed metaphors!!). Need help!

I do not have your vast libraries, and I cannot get to TNA.

Peter Davies