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Thread: 4 Squadron; three missing men, 25/06/1940

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    Default 4 Squadron; three missing men, 25/06/1940

    25 June 1940 again:

    Aircraftman 1st Class Reginald F. Abrams, RAF 621850, 4 Sqdn., age 19, 25/06/1940, missing
    Leading Aircraftman Harold W.E. Hanson, RAF 517631, 4 Sqdn., age unknown, 25/06/1940, missing.
    Aircraftman 2nd Class Samuel J. McConnell, RAF 632206, 4 Sqdn., age unknown, 25/06/1940, missing

    Not on the <a href=''>Lancastria Victim</a> list, not on Peter Cornwell's list of 'RAF personnel lost aboard S.S. Lancastria'.

    <a href=''>4 Squadron</a> was a Lysander Squadron; as far as I know evacuated in good order to England before Dunkirk.

    Has anybody any idea or thoughts how or where these three (ground crew?) men were lost?



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    These three names and many other are also on my 'unaccounted list'. Info AHB/RAF and mentioned earlier on this RAF Commands Forum: 25th June 1940 was a 'sweeping up' date that was used as all land warfare had ceased by that date and troops withdrawn.
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    Hello Henk,

    Thanks - I realize 25 June was used as a 'sweeping' date, but I wonder what could be the 'starting' day for this 'sweeping up'. 10/05/1940? Any idea?



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