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    Default OTU Strengths

    Based upon most Bomber Command OTU's operating in similar operational bases, was there a standard number of aircraft allocated to each unit, and were there always a standard number of flights within each. Any thoughts most welcome.

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    The results of investigating the 1941 - 1943 staff and aircraft strengths of No 10, 19 & 23 (Wellington) OTUs Bomber Command showed 4 flights of between 6 - 8 aircraft with command staffing as follows:-

    Station Commander
    Station Adjutant
    Station Chaplain
    Station Mechanical Transport Officer
    Station Catering Officer
    Station Signals Officer
    Station Intelligence Officer
    Station Navigation Officer

    Senior Equipment Officer
    Senior Flying Control Officer
    Senior Admin Officer
    Senior Medical Officer

    Bombing Leader
    Gunnery Leader

    Chief Instructor
    Chief Training Instructor
    Chief Armament Instructor
    Chief Flying Instructor
    Chief Ground Instructor

    OC 'A' Flight
    OC 'B' Flight
    OC 'C' Flight
    OC 'D' Flight

    OC Servicing
    OC W.A.A.F.

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    Thank you, this was a serious strength of aircraft to keep in the air bearing in mind the continual flow of students passing through. I found the establishment strengths to be very interesting, a cracking answer to my question.

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    Default Actual staff of 23 OTU 1942

    Out of interest, here are the staff of No.23 OTU, RAF Pershore, 1942

    Group Captain Arthur Ronald COMBE, Station Commander
    Wing Commander John Alan RONCORONI, Chief Instructor
    Wing Commander C. WEBSTER, Chief Training Instructor
    Reverend/Sqn Ldr Francis Thomas MAYDEW (Vicar of Luppit) Station Chaplain
    Squadron Leader Arthur Keith PASSMORE OC 'D' Flight
    Squadron Leader Ernest David Wallers MERCER, Station Equipment Officer
    Squadron Leader J. FLEMMING, Chief Armament Instructor
    Squadron Leader Nelson Reuben MANSFIELD, OC 'A' Flight
    Squadron Leader R.H. MORETON, Chief Ground Instructor
    Squadron Leader S. F AUSTIN, OC Servicing . .
    Squadron Leader Alfred Donald SAUNDERS, OC 'B' Flight
    Squadron Leader Francis William Scott TURNER, Chief Flying Instructor
    Squadron Leader Frederick William CARRYER, Senior Admin Officer
    Squadron Leader Guy Minden EMERSON, Station Intelligence Officer
    Squadron Leader Samuel ROBINSON, OC 'C' Flight
    Squadron Leader WATSON, Senior Medical Officer
    Acting Section Officer (WAAF) M.P. SPENCER, Ass. Station Adjutant
    Flight Lieutenant J.W. HEWITT, Gunnery Leader
    Flight Lieutenant Ernest Ryan BENSON, Station Navigation Officer
    Flight Lieutenant S.J. BAKER Station Adjutant
    Flight Lieutenant Gerald RYDER, Signals Officer Training Wing
    Flight Officer M.F. ARKELL 'G' Branch, Officer Commanding WAAF
    Flying Officer Edward John READ-SMITH, Adjutant (Training Wing)
    Flying Officer D.V. READ, Bombing Leader.

    Details obtained from a photograph owned by Peter Turner, Canada, son of Sqn Ldr FWS Turner, CFI 23 OTU
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