I have the logbook of the above airman, but its content raises some anomalies which I'd like help on. The logbook is split into two sections - training and operational.

The training entries show -
1-Jun – 17-Aug 1942 Observers (Radio) navigation course @ 6 AOS, Staverton.
1-Aug 1942 Qualified as an Air Observer/Navigator.
2-Sep – 7-Oct 1942 Radio Observers course no. 5 at 62 OTU, Usworth. Passed and assessed as average plus with a recommendation for a commission.
20-Jan 1943 – 7-Feb 1943 51 OTU, Cranwell operational training on Blenheim IV’s as Radio Operator.

The operational entries show -
15-Apr – 4-May 1942 27 POEU, 3 operational (experience) sorties as 2nd Navigator
20-Nov 1942 – 5-Feb 1943 256 Sqn, Beaufighters as Radio Operator
17-24-Dec 1943 434 Sqn, 2 operational sorties as 2nd Navigator (Halifax III)
27-Dec 1944 – 23-Jan 1945 515/23Sqns 3 operational sorties as Radio Operator (Mosquito's)

Now the questions/points for clarification...
1. Why the 3 operational (experience) flights prior to training at 6 AOS. Is it possible/probable that NOBLE had already done a first tour of duty and had applied for a different role on a second tour?
2. Could it really be possible that he could be operational with 256Sqn while training (or was he now an instructor) with 51OTU?
3. Were significant 'operational gaps' i.e. Feb-43-Dec-1943 & Dec 1943 - Dec 1944 normal?

There's a postcard photo attached with the caption "LAC's Brown, Rapley, Gristwood, Holliand, Noble" - June/42 Moreton Valence, which corresponds to his time at 6AOS

Happy to scan a few pages if it helps

Thanks in anticipation