I've been contacted concerning a monument erected in memory of LJ833 and its crew.
This aircraft Stirling IV LJ833, captained by Flight Lieutenant Alexander Anderson, was hit by flak and then attacked by several enemy fighters during operation 'Market Garden' on 21 September 1944. LJ833 finally crashed in river Maas (Meuse).
Flight Sergeant Conry-Candler, who was onboard LJ833, is now considered as a hero in the village of Battenburg, Netherlands, because he is known as the pilot of LJ833 who did all he could to crash LJ833 in the river Meuse instead of crashing in the village.
This crash is mentioned in several books but I never read that Anderson was wounded so I believe that the two pilots (Conry-Candler was surely 2nd pilot but I haven't all my files with me at the moment) could have been at the control at the moment of the crash.
Conry-Candler stands a hero (like all the crew for me) but I've never found any details confirming that Conry-Candler was the only one at the control at the moment of the crash.
Can somebody confirm this?
Thanks in advance.