as I have mentioned in previous Thread (14 Squadron RAF in the summer of 1944) Iam working on a book about aerial attacks on Senj, Croatia, during WWII.
I have confirmed (from ORB's ) participation of the following squadrons in those attacks:
16. Squadron South African Airforce (SAAF)
19. Squadron South African Airforce (SAAF )
25. Squadron South African Airforce (SAAF)
39. Squadron Royal Air Force (RAF)
351 (Y) Squadron Royal Air Force (RAF)
352 (Y) Squadron Royal Air Force (RAF)

I have unconfirmed information that 132 Gruppo Stormo Baltimore also participated in those attacks on Senj. It could be somewhere in the winter of 1945, particularly month of February.
There is information about it on the site: http://www.alireggiane.com/t203-lo-stormo-baltimore
Messaggio n7 o scalo marittimo del canale d'Arsa (sbocco naturale dell'importante bacino. carbonifero istriano), il porto di Senj, la stazione di Busocava, postazioni antiaeree, ponti, concentramenti di truppe e materiali.
Also, on the same page, there is a picture of air attack on Senj, which is labeled by mistake as an attack on the island of Krk (25.3.1945 Bombardamento di Volinja...) Very likely the date is also wrong, but on this picture is definitely Senj.
If anyone has any information about it? If there's ORB's for Stormo Baltimore and where can I find them?