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    The above named served with No. 600 (City of London) Squadron before and during the early stages of the war as an Air Gunner. He apparently completed two tours as a gunner on Defiants and Blenheims and at some point was also with a target towing unit in Northern Ireland.

    In 1943 he undertook pilot training at Cranwell, was commissioned as 144933 Pilot Officer in May 43 and following spells at OTU and HCU joined 158 Squadron as a Halifax pilot on 9/10/43, losing his life on 22/23 November 43.

    Not being a 'fighter' person I have no reference material to see what I may turn up but would be interested to hear from anybody who may know more about which Squadrons he may have served with or about him generally.

    Note that he was commissioned and buried as Brown but has been referred to as Wood-Brown (Chorley has him as the latter in 'In Brave Company' and the former in BCL Vol. 9)

    Many thanks


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    Men of the Battle of Britain - Kenneth G Wynn

    James Wood Brown Air Gunner 600 Sqn

    Brown of Broadmayne, Dorset, joined 600 Sqn in June 1940. During the Battle of Britain he took part in 16 operational flights. Shortly after this he became a Sergeant.

    Commissioned Pilot Officer 26.5.1943

    I also have some details on 800387 Sgt D.B Larballestier (A/G)
    Enlisted 600 Sqn March 1935 !

    Plus from 'The Air Efficiency Award 1942-2005' - Christopher Brooks

    800416 Sgt J.W BROWN Awarded Air Efficiency Award 3/6/1943 !


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    Thanks Mark

    I didn't know about the AE Award and the other detail is very useful as well



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