I am trying to find out some info on this Polish Airman for his son.

I have found out that he was a PAF Wireless Operator Pokt ( Pokt does anyone have any idea what this means) but cannot ascertain his Squadron etc. I did find his date of Birth (it is 01-06-14) for his son which he didn't even have as all his paperwork etc was stolen some time ago and never really investigated before this.

He did say that he was in the 8th Army in the Middle east after escaping Poland via Syria etc and transfered to the RAF from there and from his service number I would estimate that would be circa June 1942 ish???

His mother told him he was involved in a crash on returning from an Op and only three of the crew made it out of the Aircraft obviously Jan was one of them.

Any GEN would be a great help.

Many thanks