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Thread: Question on MRU radar stations

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    Rob, Yeah – been there, done it, got the T-shirt (and the scars to prove it!!).

    But it goes the other way as well! When we were in Cyprus on Exercise (which turned into an Op when the Turks invaded!!) I set up a couple of SPM 30s. Reception not bad. But about 50 yds away was one of those windmill water-pump thingys. I asked my guys to run a long wire out from one of the SPM 30s to the windmill! Absolutely brilliant reception! Met bcasts from Bracknell, Paris, Frankfurt, Potsdam, Moscow, Alma Ata, etc, all belting in 9’s! However, the land-breeze got up about 0300. The aerials were swaying. I went out to check all was in order. The soft copper-wire aerial wire would abrade fairly easily. I followed this brilliant long-wire to the windmill where I found that my blokes had accidentally omitted to put an insulator between the wire and the galvanised frame of the windmill!! Shouldn’t have worked – but it did!! So, if somebody tells you they know all about aerials, frequencies, etc, then just ask him whether his knowledge is from a computer/desk, or from having been out in the bundoo and done it!
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    This is just to let anyone interested know that the article I mentioned in Reply #17, now entitled Air Raid Colombo, 5 April 1942: The Fully Expected Surprise Attack, has been published, warts and all, in the latest issue of The Royal Canadian Air Force Journal. The issue can be accessed at If you'd like to read the article I'd recommend that you open the pdf version, which can be accessed directly at I'd very much welcome any comments anyone would care to make.

    Ross, the end notes in my article acknowledge your assistance and I'd like to repeat my thanks for your help. I very much appreciate it.



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