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Thread: No.107 and 110 Squadrons Summer 1940

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    Default 110 Sq ORB page / Wattisham ORB page circa June/July 1940 re Aircraft Icing?

    Thanks Steve
    I missed your reply

    Can anyone help please with a copy scan/photo/pdf via email of the 110 Squadron ORB and Wattisham ORB page circa June/July 1940 for the following, recorded in a later RAE Icing Note dated 8th October 1940.

    Circa June/July 1940 (counting back 3 months early July 1940)
    "Wing Commander Sinclair 110 Squadron Wattisham, about 3 months ago, experienced serious icing at 14,500 ft. R/Gnr reported ice on the tail, W/Cdr Sinclair saw ice building up on the wings and airscrew bosses. Engines faded out and "all instruments packed up". The engines picked up again at 8,000 feet and the aeroplane made a safe landing at the home aerodrome."

    Thanks for any help, Mark
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