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    Default Old Log Book Entry

    Good Afternoon All

    Wonder if any one can decipher the following entry in an old Log book I have

    It is:-
    MoD (Air) OR 25 (RAF

    Ir covers a period from Oct 69- Oct 71 when the pilot CH Bidie flew a wide variety of ac includind JP (testing a production ac), Hunter, Nord 262 ( NATO Evaluation), Comet 3. HS748 (NADGE Eval), T39, T29 , Noratlas and Canberra.

    I assume thsis was a posting and came immediately after 17 Air Warfare Course at Manby and a posting to Brazil as Air Attache



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    Frank, Hi,

    My decoding of this would be:-
    Ministry of Defence, the 'Air' bit, Directorate of Operational Requirements, Section #25, and the RAF element in that Section. This was probably in The Head Shed (MoD), but if yr man was flying (as he appears to have been doing) then he may not actually have been physically located there, but went to wherever the a/c needed to be flown (a temporary detachment FROM MoD(Air) OR 25(RAF) to be attached TO RAF Little Snoring (or wherever)) These would not, necessarily, appear on his Service Record. But, as has been said many times "Everybody HAS to be SOMEWHERE all the TIME"! (even if only for rations, accommodation, stores, etc, etc, ad infinitum).
    If I've got it wrong then one of the experts in 'MoD speak' will soon put me right!
    Peter Davies
    Meteorology is a science; good meteorology is an art!
    We might not know - but we might know who does!

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