This has long been a mystery to me -

An offical report upon the escape of Aircraftsman 1 C. Mackenzie, Royal Air Force, by his Wing Commander (No. 503 County of Lincoln Squadron), Waddingon, Lincs, dated 8th January 1933, ran as follows: - ""It is confirmed that this airman made a safe descent with an Irvin Observer Type from a Handley Page Hyderabad on 7th November, 1932, whilst the bomber was cruising at 2,000 feet. The cause of his descent was that the aircraft lurched as he was moving from the W/T cabin to the aft gunner's cockpit and be was thrown against the door. On coming into contact with the handle he inadvertently pushed the door handle up, thereby lettng the door fly open, and he fell out. So far as the point of 'genuine emergency' is concerned, there is only the airman's explanation of his descent, but he certianly made a descent as explained above"". (Signed) Wing Commander.

Note: W/C was Henry Ivan Hanmer DFC.

Now I have a few queries with this- I looked through Air 78 for all C Mackenzie and could not find a Service Number that matched - Assuming he was part time it should be in range 800000 to 879999 (maximum 874806) Dec 1925 Auxiliary Air Force

However when I checked Mckenzie - I found Charles Kethel McKenzie AAF 800211 (and also #803179):

I found a "Charles K McKenzie" who was Born Mansfield 2 Qtr 1911 (would put him in area for 503 Sqn). There was a Charles Kethel McKenzie who was a Post Office Sorter in 1927. The "Charles K McKenzie" who was born in 1911 died Qtr 3 1958 (aged 47) (Buckrose, Yorks) - The ages match - however I am uneasy that the "Charles K McKenzie" born in 1911 is the same as the Post Office Sorter in Charles Kethel McKenzie in 1927 and who is#800211 as that would make him 16 and the service numbers must have been issued soon after they started in 1925 as they are so "low"

He was an AC1 in 1933 - so has anyone any idea in a AAF Sqn how long someone would need to make this grade??? - I am assuming Charles Kethel McKenzie joined and rejoined the AAF (thats why he has two service numbers) and was at least an initial 1925/1926 entry - Unless it is the same person and he joined underage! and they re-joined when he was old enough!

If anyone could find anything else out about Charles Kethel McKenzie or the Charles K McKenzie born in 1911 I would be very appreciated

Many thanks