This officer was briefly a navigator on 40 Squadron, early in 1943. On the night of 8/9 March the crew became comprehensively lost returning from Palermo, and a situation developed in which the navigator considered they were over Pantelleria or Lampedusa and the others in the crew believed they were over Malta. In the event they headed dues south, made the North African coast, but ran out of fuel and crashed at Castel Benito, newly captured by the Eighth Army. Three of the crew were injured, the captain seriously enough to be repatriated to his native Rhodesia. The navigator and rear gunner were less seriously hurt, and P/O Goldsmith return to 40 Squadron resuming ops on 8/9 April, though not with his original crew. He flew with several pilots, including W/O Baldwin and F/sgt Rickard, and completed his tour in early october.

Can anyony tel me what became of him therefter?