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Thread: Josiah Edward Truss, m.c.

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    Default Josiah Edward Truss, m.c.

    The above named, an RAF officer, was the subject of a post a couple of months ago. The substance being an RAF officer being awarded an MC. According to the LG the award was for an instance of gallantry on 27 Jul 19. Now having access to my copy of "The Third Afghan War 1919 Official Account" I can provide further info. From the account: "Small parties of tribesmen had penetrated as far as the Harnai-Loralai road, and on the 27th July, a gang captured a tender belonging to the Royal Air Force near Raigora, 6 miles north west of Smallan. They got away with two Lewis guns, but one officer and 2 British other ranks escaped to Harnai, and 2 British other ranks escaped to Smallan". While this extract doesn't mention Truss specifically, the date and location would tend to suggest this is the occasion for which he was awarded his MC. Regards, Terry

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    This is the original thread

    Makes more sense to post all related information on the same message threads to keep information together. Very easy to find old threads using google and the sticky note posted by Ross.
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