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Thread: Watch Office / Control Tower Logs

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    Default Watch Office / Control Tower Logs


    Can anyone help?

    I am after copies of the following Watch office / Control tower logs :

    RAF Chedburgh
    RAF Methwold
    RAF Downham Market
    RAF Woolfox Lodge

    Are they held at the NA, also has anyone copies and importantly do they record all movement in any out of the station.

    Kind regards

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    I ordered a copy of what I thought was going to be the RAF Chedburgh ORB and ended up with the Chedurgh flying control log covering July to Sept. 1943 (168 pages). It does not seem to have all take off and landings but it does contain lots of interesting details on ops like routes, along with details of enemy formations in the area and details of training exersizes going on plus lots of other small details that really show everything that was happening that day. One entry describes how a dispatch rider bringing operation orders was involved in an accident leaving the cover of their dispatch covered in blood including the addressee. They tore off the bloodied cover and the police gave the dispatches to an Army Officer who took them to the Stradishall guardroom (not Chedburgh) and were taken to the ops room by SPs, since the seal was unbroken they knew security had not been comprimised. It is actually pretty interesting reading. I never got the Chedurgh ORB and am still looking for a copy covering from March 43 to the end of July 43. I suspect it is all in The RAF Stradishall ORB since it was a satellite of that station.
    Dave Wallace
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