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Thread: Famous photograph identification

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    Default Famous photograph identification

    This is a long shot but would anyone happen to know which Lancaster crew, plane, or even squadron is shown in the photo accompanying this news feature?

    The photo was clearly used by the artist of this fundraising painting:

    It has been suggested to a relation of mine that the photo contains an image of his brother and crew but we are skeptical. For it to be possible for him to be in the photo it would have to be of either:

    1. a crew of 50 Squadron taken at Skellingthorpe sometime between 15 May and 13 June 1943
    2. a crew in training at 1661 HCU Winthorpe in the preceding 6 weeks.

    Would anyone be able to tell from any details on the pic whether or not this is feasible?

    Many thanks in advance!
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