This is one of my mystery bale outs - The aircrfat that crashed into the River Tay on 18th June 1934 has been unknown to me for over 2 years. It is not Identified either in
"Whittaker, I G (1998) Off Scotland: a comprehensive record of maritime and aviation losses in Scottish waters, Edinburgh"

Ross may already know of it..

The pilot was Sub Lieut. (F/O) Reginald John Cooper and the aircraft was recovered by the barge Charles Barrie to Dundee Harbour where teh wreckage was collected by RAF lorry and taken to RAF Leuchars

Found a newspaper report from the time which identifies it as a Blackburn Dart of 810 Sqn. Can anyone now ID an aircraft that might fit the bill for this loss

Many Thnaks

Paul McMillan