On both the old RAF Commands and this new forum I've advised, at various times, that Cummings' 'Final Landings' is in error in giving the position for the loss of ST807 as 62N 01W. Whilst looking through the 202 Sqn ORB (AIR27/2457) at Kew today, I came across a signal dated 6 May 1948 referring to a sighting on 2nd May:

"Undercarriage and part of wing found in sea at position 62N 01W, the markings on parts are C/S (or 5) 215314. Also number 4 in black circle. D on wheel.

Aldergrove Crumlin Northern Ireland 9004.

Any aircraft missing. Further details tomorrow"

Unfortunately there were no further details. Thus we are left with the mystery of how this position for the wreckage of an unknown aircraft in May 1948 came to be on the F1180 of ST807 lost in April the previous year.