Hello All,
I’m currently cross-checking entries in the LG for the RAFVR Met Branch against any corresponding entries in an AFL (and vice versa). There are some discrepancies.
The AFL, for example, gave the name ‘Durwood, J’. This was not found in the LG – it should have been ‘Durward, J.’ (only picked this one up because I personally knew of him years ago!!)!!! Similarly, there are some Commissioning/Seniority date discrepancies. The advantage of working from the AFL is that (hopefully?) all the Officers are listed on half-a-dozen pages whereas the LG data had to be derived “the hard way” – and I probably missed several!!!
My instinct is to believe the LG entries as opposed to the AFL entries? And life would be so much easier if I could sort the 3 x cols per page of the AFL alphabetically! Anybody know how this can be done? I’ve only got an ancient version of Excel, and Abbey FineReader 6.0. Any suggestions (strictly of a polite/legal nature!) welcomed!
Peter Davies