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Thread: August 30, 1939 Air Gunner Thomas Henry Perley-Martin RCAF - Bale Out Additional Info

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    Default August 30, 1939 Air Gunner Thomas Henry Perley-Martin RCAF - Bale Out Additional Info

    Again for info. Can anybody ID the type of aircraft from the clues. Avro Biplane Winipeg 1939? even the Serial bsed on its alterations "windscreen removed for observations"

    Thanks Paul

    The Globe and Mail Toronto Friday September 1, 1939

    Torn from Speeding Plane by Wind
    Young Flier Makes Impromptu Drop

    Winnipeg Aug 31 (CP) - Death comes close to Air-Gunner Tommy Perley-Martin, 18 year-old member
    of the Royal Canadian Air Force yesterday when he was torn from the cockpit of his plane by a sudden gust of wind more than
    2,000 feet above the ground.
    "I had been doing some map reading" said Tommy "Suddenly a gust of wind caught me and tore me right out of the cockpit". Perley-Martin remembered to pull the ripcord of his parachute while hurtling earthward
    during his impromtu flight.

    When he landed in a field on the outskirts of Winnipeg, he waved to Flight Lieutenant W. Hanna pilot of the two-seater plane to let him know he was safe.

    The Avro biplane from which Perley-Martin was blown is fitted with a special open cockpit without windsheild. It is used for the purpose of taking observations.

    "It was smooth flying with few air bumps" said Perley-Martin when describing his 2,000 feet drop. "I landed safetly. That's all."

    Perley-Martin has been flying for three years and has been in the air force for the past two years. he is the son of H. Perley-Martin of Winipeg.

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    4309A AC2 Thomas Henry Perley-Martin fell out of Avro 626 267 of 112(AC) Squadron at 2500'.

    (Later remustered as a pilot, commissioned as J/3513, killed in 1 BGS Anson 7013, 7th January 1945).

    Source; his service record and squadron ORB.

    Ian Macdonald

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