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On the 26 of May 1940, No.32 Squadron flew a bomber escort patrol to Menin in company with Nos. 242 and 605 Squadrons (no e/a encountered) and a patrol Calais - Dunkirk in company with No.605 Squadron during wich F/Lt. Crossley shot down a Ju88 Confirmed. The Squadron was then ordered to No.12 Group RAF Wittering for rest and training.
From this date the Squadron's F540 states "Place" being Wittering until the 1st of June when it states Wittering Biggin Hill until the 4th of June and afterwards only Biggin Hill. I believe that at least a part of the Squadron had then been detached to Biggin Hill.
On the 2nd of June, the F540 states "Flying-Nil, and weather conditions. But on the same day the Squadron was engaged in combat, loosing Sgt D.Flynn (captured), and P/O. Smyth claiming 1 Ju88 destroyed and a Bf109 probable:

AIR 50/16
Ordered to patrol Dunkirk, at 07.45 hours.
Flight: A. Sqdn: 32.
Number of enemy aircraft: 20.
Type of enemy aircraft: 3 Ju88. (6 He. 111's, 21 Me.109's).
Time attack was delivered: 08.00 hours (approx).
Place attack was delivered: Dunkirk.
Enemy casualties: 1 Ju. 88. 1 Me.109 probable.
On Ju.88, two bursts from 250-100 yards. On Me.109 series of bursts.

General report:

Saw Ju.88 underneath. I told Yellow, then broke away and followed it down to 4.000 feet. It was on its back and probably crashed after two bursts from my guns.
I couldn't see the rest of the Squadron so climbed up and run into 6 Me.109's. I attacked one of these and got in several short bursts and he went down but do not know wether he crashed or not.
Having expended all my ammunition, I returned to base.

P/O Smyth.
Section Yellow 3.
(Certified true copy by S.I.O. Wittering).

Could anyone help me, as I would like to know how many aircraft were detached to Biggin Hill (if so) and when ?
Has anybody ever seen the F541 for this date.

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