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Thread: A unit identification request.

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    Post A unit identification request.

    My late father shows in his timeline in the back of his log book that I do not recognise. He had been a WOM/AG with 240 squadron at Redhills Lake, Madras from July 1944 until October 1945.

    He then shows 4 SP, Jiwani from November to April when he set off home and release.

    My question is what was 4 SP? I have tried searches with no useful returns. I thought SP may be Signal Post or Party any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well I would have said that it was "Staging Post" especially as he was on his way home. But searching my sources I cannot find a record of No 4 SP".

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    Default Re: A unit identification request.

    I agree: Staging Post seems the best bet.

    There's an awful lot of Staging Posts in Sturtivant RAF Flying Training and Support Units Since 1912, at Home and across other theatres.
    Interestingly no entry for a No 4 Staging Post.
    For context, that source shows No 3 SP and No 5 SP (and others) in India/CBI at that time.

    In addition, TNA Discovery also has no entry for a No 4 Staging Post, which is interesting though inconclusive...
    For example, while Sturtivant lists the existence and locations of No 5 SP, there's no simple TNA entry in AIR 29 for that unit, either!

    A little creative searching around "Staging Post" solved the missing No 5 SP ref (turned out to be part of a combined "5 and 135 SP").
    This in turn led me to a cast forth a little more fiddling, in advanced search, to look for
    Staging Post (exact phrase)
    adding the keyword Jiwani
    which led to this, the lone hit

    AIR 29/463/10 Reinforcement Staging Party (RSP), Jiwani (India); later 45 Staging Post (SP)
    Date range: 1943 Oct-1945 June

    While Sturtivant does not list the connection, this might be the answer.
    It's a good match in place and time and a fair if partial match on (later) title.
    AIR 29 records are not digitised but this hit may be worth a closer look when normal service resumes, either in person or by a reliable researcher to image any Nov 44 to Apr 45 records for you.
    For example, like Lee Richards at @ARCRE once he resumes business - nice site note there from Lee, a top bloke.

    On the other hand, this might be something Malcolm of Air Of Authority ( may know more about and reply if he sees this: he's a frequent poster here and also a top bloke.

    Don Clark
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    Default Re: A unit identification request.

    It appears that Jiwani ORB post June 45 is continued here https://discovery.nationalarchives.g...ils/r/C7158521

    Reference: AIR 28/405
    Description: JIWANI
    Note: With appendices
    Date: 1945 July 1946 Oct.

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