Unshackled Spirit was a remarkable Spitfire secretly purchased with funds from within a Prisoner Of War camp in Germany. The MP Duncan Sandys son in law to Winston Churchill was responsible for choosing the name of this unique Spitfire which flew operationally with the Royal Air Force; the name of this Spitfire reflecting upon the audacious and inspiring men who continued to contribute to the war effort from behind barbed wire.

Despite research in every possible avenue I have been unable to establish the serial number or Squadron in which she flew. I had a desire to establish the aircrafts operational performance and history and my post is to request from any forum member who may come across the name or serial number to please contact me. A remote possibility exists that an odd reference may exist in a Squadron ORB. I have established a documentary trail of how this aircraft came into being and that information has fortunatly been secured within a publication titled 'Unshackled Spirit' as always thank you. Colin.