On 5/6-9-1943, No.61 Sqn Lancaster III DV232, crashed in the River Trent after making an early return from attacking Mannheim. Bill Chorley (BCL4/312), quotes the crew as:

P/O P H Todd
Sgt S Robson
F/O J Hodgkinson
Sgt V R Duvall
Sgt W Houseley
Sgt Patrick
Sgt J Cartwright

I have some qualms about the identity of Sgt Patrick. Could someone with access to the No.61 Sqn ORB for the period, please check earlier, or later entries for this crew? I would also like to know if the crew abandoned the aircraft before it crashed into the River Trent.

Already have quite a bit on the fates of the various crew members, just need info on the above for the present.

Appreciate any help.