I seek information about a person working on the Loyola escape line – I know that records are held at the NA in Kew under HS8/157 Loyola circuit contacts and HS8/159 Loyola K Popiel for the period 1 January 1944 – 31 December 1945

The information I require is about a man code named Benito, who is either Spanish or French - this man worked with Mr. Renard who was FFI (French Forces of the Interior) in Bordeaux. I found this Renard but he is deceased – and he is involved in smuggling 2nd Lt. Joseph Regan of the 92nd Bomb Group over the border from France to Spain on 13 August 1944 near to Hendaye.

The 92nd Bomb Group B.17 of 2nd Lt Joseph Regan had been shot down on April 30th after bombing Lyon-Bron airfield by Günter Marsfelde of 7./JG2 in my area of France, and I am writing the history of this mission.

I have also placed this request on the TOCH forum,

Many thanks

Christian Dieppedalle