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Thread: AC2 V. Bishop, RAF 530720, 273 Sqdn, 09/01/1940, Singapore Memorial

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    Default AC2 V. Bishop, RAF 530720, 273 Sqdn, 09/01/1940, Singapore Memorial

    What caused the death of:

    Aircraftman 2nd Class Verdun Bishop, RAF 530720, 273 Sqdn., age unknown, 09/01/1940, missing - Singapore Memorial

    And what was his age?



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    From my 'For Your Tomorrow - A record of New Zealanders who have died while serving with the RNZAF and Allied Air Services Since 1915 (Vol One: Fates 1915-1942)':

    Tue 9 Jan 1940
    Far East
    Routine patrol off Colombo to identify shipping, etc
    273 Squadron, RAF (China Bay/Trincomalee, Ceylon)
    Vildebeest III K4156 - took off at 0555 piloted by Sgt D B Ross, RAF, and crashed 18 miles off Colombo at 0620 while circling an unidentified ship at 50 to 100 feet. K4156ís starboard wing apparently stalled, causing the Vildebeest to spin into the sea and sink. One of the crew survived, injured, but the other two, including a New Zealander, are commemorated on the Singapore Memorial.
    (Pilot): 40583 Plt Off John Denys WILLIAMS, RAF - Age 20. 341hrs. 17th op.
    Although a pilot, Williams was acting as observer on this flight.

    From information received post-publication - the vessel was the cargo ship 'Demodocus', whose lifeboat rescued the slightly injured Ross. The other two crew were unable to struggle free of the wreckage before it sank.

    Williams was a New Zealander serving in the RAF on a short service commission. Bishop's age is unknown to me.


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    Thanks Errol,

    Much appreciated.



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