Hello there,
There must be someone who can solve a puzzle I have regarding two 92 sqn pilots in 1941 with the same name-THOMPSON.
In the ORB for July/August 41 there is a P/O Thompson, I have worked out he was P/O Bastian Maitland-Thompson VR754754/83250, who was refered in the ORB as P/O Thompson.
Also on the same ops was a F/L Thompson (or Thomson?), can anyony ID this F/L please. My guess is a F/L William John Thompson RAF 40864. He flew from 1942 with 3 sqn, 65 sqn and 54 sqn in Australia. Could this F/Lt have been on 92 sqn in 1941.
In RAF FC Victory Claims a P/O J Thompson on 92 sqn 24-7-41 claimed a Bf109 des at Hazebrouck after 1530hr.
On 16-8-41 on 92 sqn F/O J Thompson claimed a Bf109 prob East of Dunkirk after 0830hr.
Any help gratefully accepted.