Greetings, all - first post.
By way of introduction, I'm editing the wartime diary of Kriegsmarine Oberleutnant z.S. Max von Zatorski. Anyone interested in following along can start with

Max was the skipper of the minesweeper R195 for it's time in the Mediterranean, most notably during the invasion of Leros. Roughly, you can thnk "German equivalent to JFK" both in job scope and ship duties.

This thread from your old forums led me here -

Beaufighter attacks and losses are frequently mentioned in Max's diary, and I'd like to annotate his text with the RAF official accounts.

For instance; "At around 13.30 hours 06 November 1943, eight Beaufighters attacked the Leros invasion flotilla anchored against the cliffs of Paros Island. Antiaircraft fire managed to down three of them, but R34 and R194 were put out of commission by severe damage to their hulls, engines and armament".

Thanks in advance for any pointers anyone might be able to give me.