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Thread: Nickel Raids for 22OTU

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    Hello Everyone! Greetings from NY.

    Could someone be kind enough to explain/ verify the following please............

    I read that after 8 weeks of training at 22OTU, the crew had to carry out at least one Nickel raid. Can anyone verify this? Would this be true for all the crew that were posted to 22OTU? Is this documented anywhere? Im looking at the date of Feb - Aug 1942.

    Thank you very much

    Best Wishes
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    The word Nickel was a code word for leaflet dropping, as Gardening was for aerial mine laying and both types of duty were sometimes part of the later stages of training as a means of bringing new crews into closer contact with Enemy territory, they were also done by new crews as early ops on a Sqn. As you have already found for the 1000 Bomber raids they sometimes sent OTU crews on actual ops as well.I don't know but I suspect that such trips were on an opportunity basis rather than firmly set as part of the syllabus of an OTU.
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