From the service file of P/O Sidney Leon Murrelll, DFC I have gather the notes that appear below. What was the unfortunate other aircraft and what casualties were sustained ?

On 13 February 1943, 1940 hours, Wellington BK465, on operational sortie, at which time he had 146 hours 50 minutes solo on Wellingtons (75 hours 55 minutes at night) and a reported 333 hours 20 minutes solo on all types (111 hours at night). Aircraft damaged Category AC. "While flying on course 236" M tracking 215" at height 3,500 feet, calculated position 51"43' North 01" 40' West, in aircraft BK465, A' KW', we were met head-on at same height by an aircraft thought to be an Anson or Oxford, which appeared first out of a small cloud without his navigation lights on. Owing to the small space of time to evade, the only thing possible was to dive a bit, which I did missing with the front of our aircraft, but he struck my tail unit which was higher at the time, knocking off about half the fin and rudder and jamming the remainder of rudder. I then effected a forced landing at Harwell after jettisoning about 300 gallons of petrol. Did not jettison bombs." The Group Captain in command at Dishforth wrote, "An unfortunate accident. Pilot Officer's Murrell's action in bringing his damaged aircraft safely to earth is commendable."