Wondered if anyone had details on this chap ... I have a few pieces of paperwork to a A.F.V. Holt who appears to have been on the squadron in mid 1940 and seems to have transfered from the RE..

1. Royal Air Force pass form 295 dated 12-9-40 with a unit stamp for 616 South Yorkshire Auxilary Air Force dated for 13th Sept 1940 .... but for a leave date 1st december ??

2.A slip of paper that certifies that

To whom it may concern,

Pte.A.F.V.Holt has had the training and passed the necessary tests to qualify as a pilot and is therefore eligible to wear the adjacent brevet dated 6/6/40

(but with another stamp for 7th A.A.Div radio Maintenance Coy R.A.O.C Apr 1942) ?

3. M.T.Drivers card with personal details and dated march 1st 1940.

I am normally a bomber's man... but thought I would see if anyone can shed any light.

Cheers Gary