I am having models built of the five Hurricanes flown by the five New Brunswick pilots killed during the BoB. I want to make sure I get the a/c and Squadron markings correct. These are the Squadrons and a/c. If anyone has an image of these particular a/c, or of another Squadron a/c so I can make sure I get the Squadron markings correct, I'd appreciate it.

P/O Duncan Alexander Hewitt, RAFVR 501 Sqn. died 12/Jul/1940 Hurr. P3084
P/O Robert Roy Wilson, RAFVR 111 Sqn. died 11/Aug/1940 Hurr. P3595
F/L Harry Raymond Hamilton, RAF 85 Sqn. died 29/Aug/1940 Hurr. V6623
P/O Alec Albert Gray Trueman, RAF 253 Sqn. died 04/Sep/1940 Hurr. V6638
P/O Kirkpatrick MacLure (Pat) Sclanders, RAFVR 242 Sqn. died 09/Sep/1940 Hurr. P3087

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