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    Default Post War operations/exercises

    I am looking at the operational record books of 35 squadron for the period after hostilities ceased, there are a number of ‘exercises’ and ‘operations’ that I am trying to define.

    Operation ‘Spasm’ - ??
    Operation ‘Manna’ –food drops over Holland
    Operation ‘Dodge’ – repatriating POWs from Italy
    Operation ‘Post mortem’ – testing German radar in Denmark
    Baedeker exercise. ??(same as a Cooks tour,named after the guide book)
    ‘Cooks’ Tour –taking ground staff on an aerial tour over Germany
    Liberty sortie ??
    ‘Bulls eye’ exercise- navigation and dummy bombing exercise.

    Some are well dovumented but any additional information or links would be appreciated.
    Many thanks,
    Paul H
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