Found the following article. Very interesting, though not enough detail for a positive ID. I suspected it may be Hurricane N2333 of 3 Sqn which was Abandoned at Night on 10th May 1940 and crashed near Bere Farm RDF station, Dover Pilot was Canadian Flying Officer Albert Ransome Ball #40069 but anyone prove otherwise

Wednesday 15 May 1940 , Evening Telegraph , Angus, Scotland
Another R.A.F. pilot has qualified for membership of the Caterpillar Club. He is a pilot at a Fighter Command station, and when his undercarriage was damaged during recent night-flying exercises he was forced to .bale out.
While in the air the pilot discovered that he could lower only one wheel of the plane's undercarriage. He reported by radio telephone his squadron C.O. on the ground, and flew along the aerodrome's flare path to demonstrate the faulty undercart. To attempt a one-wheel landing, risky any time, might be disastrous in the darkness. The C.O. ordered him to remain aloft. . Constant touch was kept with him radio telephone. He was ordered up to 6000 feet, where flew in circles for a considerable time in order to exhaust his petrol. There was no need to add fire to the anxieties of the night. Neighbouring Observer Corps and searchlight posts were warned to expect a crash. Exact instructions were given to the pilot. Another fighter was sent up to keep him company. Last instructions went crackling up radio. The pilot was facetiously reminded by the C.O. that when pulling the handring which releases the parachute he must not drop the ring and lose it, because there is a fine of 5s for its replacement. At last the petrol was , the engine was idling. Directing his aircraft towards open country away from villages, the pilot left the controls, opened the cockpit door, stepped out on to the main wing, took one look at the black-out below, and, his own words, went down like a bomb He aimed to land beside a searchlight post, and actually dropped on his back, only a trifle shaken, within 200 yards of it. The aircraft flew on to crash within 200 yards of it. The aircraft flew on to crash. When the pilot was picked up by a car sent out his C.O, he was found enjoying large cup tea at nearby farmóand still had his parachute ring. "