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Wednesday 01 April 1942 , North Devon Journal

Case Against a Test Pilot Dismissed Walter George Molyneux Barron Broomhall, aged 29. a test pilot, of London, pleaded not guilty at Braunton divisional sessions last week to stealing a parachute, worth 29. and a parachute bag, worth 14s. 6d., the property of the Air Ministry on charge to Atlantic Coast Air Lines, Ltd., and a life-saving jacket.
He also pleaded not guilty to detaining certain articles of clothing and flying equipment issued for the use of officers or airmen.
Broomhall was former R.A.F. officer, who stated that he was in the Battle of Britain and had represented this country in the Olympic Games. His solicitor, Mr. R. E. C. Balsdon. said that Broomhall had rescued people
from snowfields in Canada and rescued others from drowning. Mr. S. A. Copp watched the interests
an interested party. By a majority decision the Bench dismissed the charges.

From London Gazette

Flying Officer Walter George Molyneux Barron Broomhall(72552) resigns his commission. 9th Feb. 1941.