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Thread: 12 Squadron crew shot up by Me109 18.10.43:Sgt Henson Rear Gunner

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    Default 12 Squadron crew shot up by Me109 18.10.43:Sgt Henson Rear Gunner

    Does anyone have a copy of the 12 Squadron ORB for September,October,November 1943?
    I am trying to find out why a Rear Gunner was transferred from 12 Sqn to 166 Sqn in November 1943 to join another crew.
    Sgt R.Henson flew as Rear Gunner with F/Lt Rowland and crew on 18.10.43 when they were attacked by an ME109.His log records 3 of the crew were injured.He then flys on 10.11.43 with F/O Bracewell to Modane.Then with Sgt Maxwell on 22.11.43 to Berlin and again with Sgt Maxwell on 26.11.43 again to Berlin.
    Sgt Henson was then posted to 166 Squadron and flew one more op,to Frankfurt on 20.12.43 when he was lost with all his crew.
    Could anyone give me any details of the ops he flew on 12 Squadron and the date he arrived?
    Also who was original crew at Wickenby?Was it F/Lt Rowlands crew?
    Many thanks,B

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    Default 12 Squadron crew.

    Sgt Henson arrived at 12 Squadron on 9/10/43 from 1656 C.U. as part of an all sergeant crew.They were;
    1621710 Sgt.Birchall,pilot,
    1691004 Sgt.Wilson,F/E,
    1323852 Sgt.Rawlings,A/B,
    1048521 Sgt.Wilcock WOAG,
    1600028 Sgt.Ellaway,Nav,
    1305927 Sgt.Brown,A/G,
    1563332 Sgt.Henson,A/G.
    On the night of 18-19/10/43,Sgt.Birchall was flying as second pilot to F/L.Rowland,with four of his own crew-Wilson,Rawlings,Wilcock and Henson, and P/O.D.J.Parry,navigator and Sgt.K.V Robinson,MU/G in JB359 'Q'. .According to the entry in the O.R.B.,the rear gunner,Henson,was lightly wounded and the MU/G seriously wounded.
    Subsequently,Sgt.Robinson and Sgt.Birchall are listed as posted to Ludford Magna N/E on 18/10/43.
    On 30/11/43,four members of the Birchall crew are posted out,Sgt.Brown to 1667 C.U.,Sgt.Wilson to 1661 C.U. and Sgts.Wilcock and Henson to 1656 C.U.At some point Sgt.Ellaway was posted to 625 Squadron where he was killed on 30-31/1/44.
    Hope this is of interest,
    Regards,Mark Simpson.
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    33577 F/L John Naunton ROWLAND RAF


    and Bar:

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