I'm trying to clear up some loose ends.

263 Sqn ORB states that Plt Off Wilkie was posted in from 266 Sqn on 3 May 1940. On looking at 266 ORB it states that Wilkie was posted out to 10 MU for duty on 26 April 1940.

Fly Off W Riley (610 Sqn) and Plt Off J R Meaker (46 Sqn) were also posted in to 263 Sqn on 3 May.

On 2 May three Gladiators (N5634, N5635 and N5898) were delivered from 10 MU.

Now I'm thinking that maybe Plt Off Wilkie flew one of the Gladiators up to 263 Sqn and was then posted to the Sqn the next day.

Now would anyone have the ORBs for 610 and 46 Sqns? Would you be able to check when Riley and Meaker were posted out and to where? I'm kind of hoping they were posted to 10 MU and may have flown the other 2 Gladiators to 263 Sqn.

Possibly clutching at straws, but this is the way my mind works.

Many thanks.