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Thread: Blue-Sky Request About a WW2 Pilot (or Nav)!!!!

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    Default Blue-Sky Request About a WW2 Pilot (or Nav)!!!!

    Dear All,

    This really is a very long shot – and I don’t expect an answer. But I would like some steers about how I might go about it. And I don’t have all your vast page-copy libraries – just a steam-driven computer!

    Senior Met Officer Gibraltar in the early 60’s is said to have flown aircraft over Occupied Europe on Weather Reccies in WW2. Name likely to have been Mackay (no Inits), or McKay (or variations thereunto). This is a very unlikely progression. Met Men Mackay’s (etc) swept up in the Great RAFVR Met Branch Commissionings of 1 Apr 43 do not (currently) show any formal LG Transfer to the GD Branch (other than for established Met Recce Sqns NOT operating over occupied territory).

    Now, if he flew Weather Reccies over Occupied Europe then he was (most likely) on a PRU Sqn, or on one of the Mosquito Sqns carrying out PAMPA missions in advance of a Main Force (etc) raid. This should(?) reduce the possible numbers to sizeable proportions - I hope!!!

    I can hear hollow laughter from around the world!! Come on – give us a clue!!

    Peter Davies

    PS He is also said to have Forced Landed in Norfolk due to fuel shortage (weight of evidence moving to single seat a/c?). He was conveyed, by the Locals, to the Local Hostelry. By the time Transport had arrived from the nearest RAF Station to collect him they were all just a tiny bit squiffy!! (I never said/wrote that!)
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    For others who might be able to assist I think his first name was William. I'd also suggest he was not a WW2 meteorologist but rather a pilot with 1409 Met Flight which operated from Oakington/Wyton. The only other unit flying met sorties over the continent was 1401 Met Flight operating Spitfires out of Manston.


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