I've just returned from Italy after attending the commemoration of a 31 Sqdn SAAF crew [4 x RAF and 4 x SAAF] whose Liberator KG875 crashed in the Italian Alps on 12th October 1944 while on a supply drop mission to Italian partisans.This plane was one of 5 found whose crews crashed in several places in the Italian Alps, while on this mission .A 6th plane of 8 crew is still missing -KH158
A service was held in a church in a mountain village near Valprato Soana on 27th July 2013 .A monument was built by the church, made out of a large stone with a piece of the plane attached to it.This piece was recently found near the crash site and brought down by helicopter.
Attended by some relatives of this and the other crews , church and official dignitaries, the Alpini and many local people .

I was able to find families of this crew in UK and South Africa, who did not know where their relative had died.