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Thread: Officers details required

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    Default Officers details required

    I have a WW2 Mess Dress uniform comprising the jacket and trousers, blue waistcoat and white waistcoat, the three items coming from three different men. All are named but I can find nothing on two of them. The jacket and trousers are named to a 03171 J P Cafferkey, who was James Patrick Cafferkey, I have the following on him:

    03172 James Patrick Cafferkey (died 1978)

    Son of Patrick Cafferkey, Married Clare Mary Constable-Maxwell-Stuart September 28th 1938
    Had one son – Patrick Charles Cafferkey

    2nd Lieutenant (3rd Connaught Rangers) September 21st 1918
    Served 48 Squadron R.F.C.
    Lieutenant October 26th 1918

    Relinquishes Commission on Appointment to the Royal Air Force

    To Royal Air Force
    Lieutenant August 1st 1919
    Flying Officer ??
    Restored to full pay from half pay, May 31st 1926
    To Depot, R.A.F. Uxbridge, July 9th 1923
    Placed on the retired list on account of ill health August 11th 1926

    Formerly retired, re-commissioned into the RAF w.e.f. September 1st 1939

    Flying Officer May 20th 1937
    Flying Officer to Flight Lieutenant
    Transferred from Class ‘C’ to Class ‘CC’ May 7th 1938
    Flight Lieutenant to Squadron Leader December 1st 1941
    With No. 19 Group (Coastal Command) December 1942
    MiD as Squadron Leader June 8th 1944

    Permission to retain rank of Squadron Leader from February 10th 1954
    Relinquished commission as Squadron Leader July 5th 1955
    Can anyone add to that?

    The white waistcoat is named to 'Sir M Robertson' with the number 17736 and the date 4/5/39. Last digit of the service number may be wrong (looks like a 'b'!) but I cannot find anything on him, even the Sir M Robertson. Can anyone help?

    Lastly the blue waistcoat looks to be named to G G K Molan and dated 25/2/39. Have found nothing on hm. Can anyone else?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Re: Molan... Is it possibly C C Molan? There is only one mentioned in the LG.

    From LG 29 Aug 1944:
    No.7907205 Sergeant Charles Molan, I3th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary's Own) Royal Armoured Corps (Whitchurch, -Glam).

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