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Thread: Les davenport - 7 squadron raf / pow 1941

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    Default Les davenport - 7 squadron raf / pow 1941

    I have managed to obtain and read my grandads wartime log from being a POW from September 1941 - 45.

    On his travels he was in numerous camps from Lamsdorf Sept 41 - April 41, Sagan Apr 42 - May 43, Hydekrug May 43 - August 44 , Fallingbostel August 44 - April 45.

    Interestingly in this book it lists many names and in some instances addresses of people who wrote in my grandads book and left messages.

    I thought it would be interesting if I shared the names with you all as it contains RAF, Army etc, worth a look it may bring up a relative!!

    Here goes:

    Grandads name: Leslie E J Davenport
    Service Number: 964692
    Squadron 7 Bomber Command - Short Stirlings

    This is the crew he was shot down on the way back from Berlin: 8th September 1941. All were POWs. (N6046 MG-Y?) Short Stirling. All of the below names were in my grandads POW wartime log.....

    Crew shot down with:

    F/sgt A Yardley - Serv.No 748748 (Baled out with no parachute and survived, trees broke his fall) - (Canadian)
    F/O C.M Hall (Australian) 402002
    Sgt. J.H Boulton 742790
    Sgt J. Sutton 746720
    Sgt A. Speakman 551472
    Sgt D. Owens 528924

    other names mentioned (done my best to make out hand writing):

    Maurice G Shetlow - USAF
    Stanley Hewitt - RAF
    R Evans - RAF
    Don Owens - 7 SQUADRON
    Johnny Morgan - RAF
    C F Hall - RAF
    Richard R Huleatt - ?
    Jack H Boulton - 7 SQUADRON
    J or P Smith - ?
    Alec Kerr - RAF
    Dennis A Lloyd - RAF
    John H Sutton - 7 SQUADRON
    Dennis S Merrells - 7 SQUADRON
    W S Bellew - ?
    David Y Teil - ?
    H West - ?
    Ray Evans - ?
    J D Morgan - ?
    Thomas W Coultard - ?
    Sydney Dawson - ?
    Edward Parnell - ?
    Jos Donven - Luxembourg
    Charles D Paterson - ?
    Anthony Palmer - ?
    Harold Bell - ?
    Harold I Bast - Oklahoma USA
    Virgil H Smallen - Tennessee USA
    Floyd T Stitely - Pennsylvania USA
    Monty Todd - ?
    John Joseph Maher - Ontario Canada

    In addition to this I am interested in anyone that had a family member serve in 7 Squadron ww2 1941 whether it be Aircrew, ground crew etc, would like crew photos, stirling photos and moreover POW photos that may relate to the people above or camps.

    My grandfathers (Les Davenports - Front Gunner) original crew was :

    Pilot - Dennis Witt DFM DFC - (IN CONTACT WITH HIS SON)
    Navigator - Keith Deyell - NO INFORMATION AT ALL
    Co Pilot - Les Bolton - (SPOKE ON THE PHONE RECENTLY)
    Engineer - John Prentice - (SPOKE A FEW YEARS BACK LIVES IN NEW ZEALAND)
    Wireless op - Arthur Burrows - BELIEVED KIA WW2 later in war
    Rear gunner - J L A Mills - BELIEVED KIA WW2 later in war

    Hope this was interesting and fingers crossed I get some contact from someone.

    Ian Davenport
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    Hi Ian,

    Nice list. Thanks for posting.

    "Jack Maher" should turn out to be F/Sgt John Joseph Maher of Chatsworth, Ontario. Skipper of LK963, a 431 Squadron Halifax, lost on ops to Berlin, 28-29 January, 1944.

    Chorleys BCL 1944, page 62 for crew list and circumstances.

    From Ross' POW lists here on the main site has him at Luft 6, POW #1267 commissioned, with service number J/86494. Clutton-Brocks "Footprints" has him at Luft 6 and Stalag 357, same POW number as Ross.

    You may want to distort your email addy here or you are going to get swamped with spam. Change the "@" to "AT". We all know what you mean.


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    Default Les Davenport 7 squadron / POW information

    Hi all,

    I will endeavour to post on here copied images of my grandfathers wartime log, pictures of 7 squadron airmen from 1941. Sure it may be of interest to some.

    Ian Davenport

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