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    Default Flying Instructors - Awards of AFC

    I'd appreciate any help forum members can give me in locating any recommendation that might exist for the award of the AFC to Acting Squadron Leader Keith Constantine ROBERTS 70817 RAFO. The award was Gazetted on 11th June 1942 in the 2nd Supplement to the Gazette of 5th June - which was the Birthday Honours List - at which time he was serving as a flying instructor with 54OTU at Charterhall. I am assuming that the award was made as one of the normal half-yearly awards.

    The NA files AIR2/8891 and AIR2/8968 list awards to flying instructors in 1941 and 1943 respectively but there appears to be no similar file for 1942. Could anyone point me in the direction of a likely file AIR2/8909 or AIR2/8910 perhaps (although these appear to refer to Birthday Honours awards)?

    I don't have the opportunity to visit Kew so any help in narrowing the field would be appreciated.



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    Default Awards of AFC

    Roberts' award was indeed part of the Birthday Honours list and your most likely source will be Air 2/8910.

    There were some 85 awards of the AFC and AFM on 11 June 1942 and I have citations for about half. Whoever digs out this citation would benefit mankind (okay, myself and other patrons of this Forum) if they could fill in the blanks with respect to:

    ADDY, Ronald Gerald, F/L, AFC
    BELL-SYER, Herbert Benjamin, S/L, AFC
    BELSON, John Richard James, Flight Sergeant, AFM
    BIRCHALL, Reginald William, Flight Sergeant, AFM
    BRIGHT, Edgar Bulmer, S/L, AFC
    BROMLEY, Curwen William, W/C, AFC
    BURNE, Thoms Roper, F/L, AFC
    BUTLER, Ian Bishop, F/L, AFC
    CLARKE, Gerald Arthur, F/L, AFC
    EMMERSON, John Richardson, Flight Sergeant, AFM
    FLACK, Leslie John, F/L, AFC
    GODDARD, Henry Godron, S/L (DFC), AFC
    GRANT, William Henry Leslie, Flight Sergeant, AFM
    GREY, John Leonard, F/L, AFC
    HALL, Arthur Gordon, F/L, AFC
    HOLMES, Oswald Victor, F/L AFC
    LARSEN, Lewis, Sergeant, AFM
    LEWIS, William Edward Lawley, S/L,
    MacDONALD, John Charles, WC (DFC), AFC
    McGUIRE, John William, W/C, Bar to AFC
    MEHARG, Bryce Gilmore, S/L AFC
    MILLEN, Leslie Stewart, Warrant Officer (DFM), AFC
    MOFFETT, Alan Ormerod, F/L, AFC
    ROBERTS, Keith Constantine, S/L, AFC
    ROLLO, Arthur Alexander, P/O, AFC
    ROSS, William Gordon, Warrant Officer, AFC
    SAGE, Robert John, S/L, AFC
    SAINSBURY, James Edwards, Flight Sergeant, AFM
    SIKES, Richard Somerville, S/L, AFC
    STATHAM, Ivan George, S/L, AFC
    STIRK, Roy Derwent, Flight Sergeant, AFM
    TOBIN, James Richard, S/L, AFC
    WHEELER, Norman John, F/O, AFC
    WHITE, Thomas Stanley, Sergeant, AFM
    WHITWORTH, Walter Peter, W/C, AFC
    WRIGHT, Clifford, F/O, AFC

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    Default Awards of AFC


    Thank you. I thought that AIR2/8910 seemed the more likely of the two but your confirmation has narrowed the odds nicely.

    I forsee a raid on the piggy-bank - and a lot of reading!

    Kind regards,


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